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December 07, 2012

What Inspires Me: Art

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Great Finds
I’ll admit it…I’m having Art Basel envy.  Many of my friends are currently attending Art Basel in Miami, where beautiful art gets revealed each year. I’m staying in NYC for holiday parties, but am still getting an Art Basel fix with a little cyber inspiration. A lot of people ask me what inspires me. The truth is…it is anything and everything. My advice is always to look in unexpected places. Design inspiration can come from…
July 05, 2011

What Inspires Me – Fashion Textiles

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Scenes
I’m back with another “What Inspires Me” post.  In my last post, I shared with you Quadrille Wallpaper and Fabrics, one of my go-to places, and a company known for fabrics that are traditionally seen upholstered on furniture.  Today I’m focusing on fashion textiles.  I’m sharing one of my secret weapons: B & J Fabrics.  Located in the heart of the fabric industry in Manhattan, B & J is always buzzing with staff from the…
June 06, 2011

What Inspires Me: Quadrille Fabrics

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Scenes
These photos were grabbed from a video so please excuse the wonky resolution. I’m back with another “What Inspires Me.”  Last week I posted my first post for this series here.  Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite places for inspiration: Quadrille Fabrics.  Quadrille’s gorgeous prints are mainly seen upholstered on fabulous furniture or wallpapered in beautiful homes {you may recognize some of their gorgeous prints from home magazines}, but I’ve found use…
May 31, 2011

What Inspires Me: Flowers

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Scenes
We’re starting a new series today called “What Inspires Me.”  In this series, you’ll get a peek of what gets me excited when I’m looking for inspiration.  As you will see as this series unfolds, inspiration for me can come from anywhere. Today we’re starting with flowers.  Let’s face it…who isn’t inspired from a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? They can brighten anyone’s day.  Living and working close to New York City’s flower district provides a…