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December 16, 2011

How To Make a Gift Bow Cupcake Topper

I am pretty sure that, by now, you guys are starting to get tired of wrapping. I personally think that I keep Michael’s in business during the holidays.  I actually love wrapping presents for people (especially my kids). They are sometimes more excited to see the boxes than they are the gifts. We received this video from Binky over at Cakebot showing us how to create the perfect gift bow cupcake topper.  For everyone giving…
June 10, 2010

The Great Fondant Debate

By: Amy Atlas, in Ask Amy
{All cupcakes above are from Amy Atlas’s dessert bars.} Everytime I meet with a client, I hold my breath because I know the discussion is coming. Usually it’s a battle rather than a discussion. The debate of buttercream vs. fondant. Every client wants buttercream because they have all had a bad experience with the tasteless and often rubbery texture of fondant. We’ve all had that experience, right? Having styled both buttercream and fondant cakes and…