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October 15, 2012

Great Finds: Think Pink

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
1) Emile Henry Pie Dish 2) KitchenAid Mixer 3) Magnolia Cupcake 4) Bowl  5) Chuck Taylor Cookie  6) Cake Stand  7) Washi Tape It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’re sharing a roundup of some pink baking and party decor inspiration.  Some of the companies above are donating a % of sales for breast cancer research. We know quite a few women who have battled this disease. We hope there will one day be…
October 11, 2012

Great Finds: Stuck On You

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Kids
A couple of months ago, we received a package from Stuck On You. The package contained a box of colorful and personalized products for both of my boys and I’ve been meaning to share these pictures with you. It was so great to receive this package because I can confidently say that I am the terrible when it comes to labeling clothing for my kids! We received labels for clothing, pencil cases, pencils, markers, erasers,…
October 10, 2012

Sweet Origins: Happy Angel Food Cake Day

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Sweet Origins
1) Fluffy Coconut Angel Food Cake 2) Simply Angel Food Cake 3) Angel Food Cake In A Jar  4) Lemony Angel Food Cake 5) Angel Food Cupcake  6) Chocolate Angel Food Cake  7) Mini Angel Food Cake Today is National Angel Food Cake Day.  Angel Food Cake became known in the United States in the late 19th century and received its name because of the light and airy texture of the cake. This sponge cake…
October 02, 2012

Great Finds: Mini Brownies NYC

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
They say that good things come in small packages and MINI Brownies has proven this sentiment to be true. It was like the holidays in September when these chocolate fudgy goodies from pastry chef Moises Alvarez arrived at our doorstep last week. Flavors include the plain {a chocolate lover’s dream}, the espresso {chocolate ganache with a shot of coffee}, the peanut butter {creamy, dreamy chocolate and peanut butter with salted peanuts}, and the nut {chocolate,…
September 26, 2012

Sweet Origins: Bundt, I Love You!

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Sweet Origins
1) Zebra Bundt Cake 2) Root Beer Chocolate Bundt Cake 3) Banana Bundt Cake 4) Pear, Hazelnut and Brown Butter Mini Bundt Cakes 5) Mini Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake Whether in its original size, a mini version, or painted with chocolate stripes like the Zebra cake above, the cake with folds on the side and a volcano-like hole in the middle known as the Bundt cake is making a BIG comeback! The Bundt cake was…
September 17, 2012

Behind The Book Tour: Great Finds

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
One of the great pleasures of the book tour was meeting so many fabulous and talented people on the road.  Some supporters brought great treats and products and we had a chance to sample many of them. We’re sharing a snapshot of some of the terrific finds we found on the road.  We’ve shared a few already like this one, but above are some more. Clockwise from top: Adorable fruit cake pops from Sweet Lauren…
September 12, 2012

Great Finds: Going for Baroque

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
1) Cake 2) Alexander McQueen Dress  3) John Fluevog Boots 4) Red Etched Candles  5) Black Baroque Sette   6) Baroque 3 Piece Canister Set We’re pulling out some baroque inspiration for you. With its scrolling damask-like curves, baroque designs are sophisticated enough that they can hold their own weight without multiple colors. Using black gives it a goth vibe and is perfect for Halloween. We say GO for it!  We saw the baroque canister set…
September 10, 2012

Great Finds: Ice Ice Baby

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
1) Pop Sorbetto Split 2) Limeade Popsicles 3) Watermelon Jalapeno Ice Pops 4) Snow Cone Garland 5) Italian Ice  6) Zoku Pops Okay, we’ll spare you from listening to our rendition of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, but that won’t stop us from sharing our favorite ice pop and granita photos/recipes from around the web with you.  Can you tell we’re in denial that summer is ending?  We’d like to try the honey lavender granita…
September 06, 2012

We Be Jammin’

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
1) Vanilla Blackberry Jam Ice Cream  2) Blackberry Jam  3) Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Cookies 4) Blueberry Jam 5) Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies We be jammin‘ today and we are not talking in the musical sense. Summer is not even officially over yet in the US and we are already missing it. Homemade jams and desserts made with jam were a big hit this summer for our families. Here are a few…
September 04, 2012

Great Finds: Back to School Roundup

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Kids
1) Apple Goody Bag 2) Apple Brownie 3) Elmer’s Glue 4) Pencil Push Pop 5) Pencil Rolls 6) Sugar Cookies 7) Smartie Pants Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, which means that school starts this week in New York for our kids. Here are some fun Back To School desserts and crafts. What are your favorites?…
August 14, 2012

Great Finds: Glazed and Infused

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about this doughnut shop for some time now. While Lisa and I were in Chicago on the book tour, we realized it was National Doughnut Day.  It just so happened that Glazed and Infused doughnuts was opening up on that very day. I love the play on the Dazed and Confused movie and felt like we needed to check out their shop. Lisa and I ventured to Wicker…
August 09, 2012

We Love Chocolate Chips!: Great Finds

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
1) Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake 2) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devils Food Cheesecake 3) Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars 4) Chocolate Cookie Dough Truffles 5) Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pound Cake A few weeks ago, we featured the Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook. Our love affair with chocolate chips started a long time ago {I think it’s getting serious!}. I remember my mother putting a few chocolate chips on my waffles when I was…
August 06, 2012

Wild About Watercolor

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
1. Chocolate bar wrapper 2. Sugar cookies 3. Invitation and thank you card 4. Cups 5. Goody bag We’re wild about the new watercolor trend so we put together a watercolor board to get you all inspired.  You don’t have to have a steady hand to rock a watercolor design. The impressionistic-like technique is great for both novice and experienced artists to play with. Don’t leave out the kids, either. They can roll up their…
August 01, 2012

Cookbook Covet List {Fall Books}

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Recipes
It’s a rainy day in NYC and the weather feels almost fall-like {you know those days when you just want to stay inside with a sweater?} so I thought I’d share some of the fall books that I’m craving to add to my cookbook shelf.  Believe it or not, I have over 300 cookbooks in my collection. You’d think I’d just rely on the web for browsing recipes at this point, but I never tire…
July 30, 2012

Great Finds: Dana’s Bakery

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
Two weeks ago, I was on the plane coming home to NYC from Atlanta when I sat next to this photographer. Our flight had been cancelled the night before and we were chatting about our plane/scheduling hassles. Before long, I learned he was a talented fashion and street-style photographer {check out above} and he found out about my penchant for sweets. He introduced me to his friend Dana Loia, who recently created Dana’s Bakery.  The…
July 27, 2012

Great Finds: Paper Lantern Party

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
We are having a paper lantern party in the Amy Atlas office today. We have received lots of posts recently that showcase paper lanterns in the cutest ways. From the mini paper lanterns on the parasol from Darcy Miller’s curated sale on OpenSky to the adorable owl above from Meet the Dubiens, paper lanterns are a fun and cost effective way to add personality to your party. The round shape lends itself to endless decorating…
July 17, 2012

Creative Macarons {Great Find}

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds
How cute are these macarons?  When we were in Beverly Hills on our Williams-Sonoma Sweet Designs stop, we were greeted with the cutest macaron package {which intentionally matched my dress, by the way} from one of our supporters, Katie of Le Pop Shop. We checked out Katie’s blog and found great macaron designs. We fell in love with the donut macarons above, but some other cute designs are her balloon, ice cream cone, and watermelon…
July 17, 2012

Minted Baby Shower and Birthday Party Invites (& Sponsored Giveaway)

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag
We are excited to have Minted as one of our new sponsors. Minted is a stationery company that showcases independent designer’s work. Each year, Minted holds a design contest for independent designers and Judges in the design community pick their favorite designers. Minted then sells the winning designs on their site. The stationery is printed, but you easily customize a suite {the invitation, the inside and outside of the envelope} right at your computer. Above…
June 28, 2012

Great Finds: Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook {& Contest!}

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag
Have I mentioned to you all how much I love cookie dough?  It’s hard to not like, right?  Which is why I almost fainted when I first saw The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook by Lindsay Landis. This book has so many creative uses of cookie dough in its raw form. Best part?  Lindsay’s raw cookie dough does not include eggs so it isn’t a health concern eating it. Recipes include chocolate chip cookie dough fudge,…
June 18, 2012

Great Finds: The TomKat Studio Shop (& Giveaway)

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag
One of the things I love to do during the summer is have picnics with my boys in Central Park. We gather our blankets, balls, and lots of oozy, summery stone fruits and pick a spot under one of our favorite trees in the park. Since we’re in picnic season, we thought we’d give you a reason to ooze right into this manic Monday with a fantastic summer giveaway.  Our good friend, Kim from The…