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February 01, 2013

Recipe: {Sprinkled Hazelnut Truffles}

By: Amy Atlas, in Recipes, Templates
Confession…I’m a Nutella addict. Well, you all know I love chocolate and nuts so it isn’t that big of a surprise, right?  In honor of  World Nutella Day this Tuesday, we are sharing our Nutella truffle recipe with you from Sweet Designs. If the thought of Nutella hazelnut spread sounds good this morning, just imagine what it would taste like mixed with good chocolate, butter and of course hazelnuts into small, round truffles. These truffles…
April 24, 2012

Someone Left the Sugar – Moroccan Tile Cake Recipe

By: Amy Atlas, in Templates
With all of the recipes in this hunk of a book, I did realize one recipe error after the book went to print.  It is only in the first edition so not all of the books have this error.  If you are making the Moroccan Tile Cake on page 90 and you are missing the sugar in your ingredients (which is necessary!), please make sure you make the following change. In the ingredients list, please…
April 22, 2012

Book Templates for Sweet Designs: Bake It Craft It Style It

By: Amy Atlas, in Templates
To get to the book template section for Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It, visit this area of the blog. It is extremely important that you read the copyright notice, terms of use, and instructions BEFORE downloading any of the templates. If you want to have access to these templates, you must purchase Sweet Designs first. If for some reason you are having trouble accessing the templates, make sure you have used an…