Nov 15, 2013

40th Birthday Big Bang Theory Party

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions


We’re geeking out this morning with this Big Bang Theory themed dessert table by Lily of Lily Chic Events. Lily created the party for her husband’s 40th birthday party. Since her husband has a physics degree and her family loves watching Big Bang Theory together {we can relate!}, this was a great theme. We love the “test pattern” design and all of the colors. Sweet treats on the dessert table included Tetris cookies, Nerd Candy, salted caramel and banana macarons, nonpareils, licorice Allsorts, bottle top candy, Newtonian style cradle gum balls, and that fabulous cake. A game table included Jenga, Magic 8 Ball,a Rubics Cube and Quiz cards. This would be perfect for a game night themed party as well. MASS-ive!

Fun Fact: Since atoms are almost all empty space, all of the matter that makes up the human race can fit in a sugar cube!

80's Party Ideas





80's Party Ideas


80's Party Ideas




Vendor Credits:

Concept and Styling – Lily Chic Events
Photography – Lee Bird Photography
Custom Backdrop and Printables – Emma Smith 
Cake – Just Call Me Martha
Macarons – Macarahrah
Cookies – The Iced Biscuit
Non Pareils – Lil Miss Macaron
Venue – Olivers Alma Cottage 
Cart – Contents Party



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