Nov 07, 2013

Moon Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids


This moon/space party by Gerri and Carole of Little Birdie is out of this world! Remember this party that they created for a little girl’s birthday? Well, the little girl was lucky enough to have the dynamic duo of Little Birdie to create her birthday again! Since the birthday girl loves the moon, rockets and the color brown, Gerri and Carole created a moon/space themed party with a pink, brown and navy color palette. It is eye candy looking at all of the treats on the dessert table! There were rocket and moon cupcakes, cookies depicting all the phases of the moon, rocket-shaped cookies, salted caramel and mixed berry macarons, coconut ice, rosewater and berry panna cotta, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate caramel brownie hearts, chocolate and raspberry tarts, passion fruit marshmallow, chocolate bouchons, bon bons, rock candy sticks, as well as a gorgeous cake adorned with hot pink roses! Whew, what a display! We also love the moon themed backdrop. This party looked like it was a blast! Scroll down for all of the vendor credits.

Fun Fact: Apollo 14 Astronaut Alan Shepard is the only person to have hit a golf ball on the moon. With no atmosphere and less gravity than earth on the moon, the golf ball flew about 2,400 feet. Talk about an out of this world golfer!


Over The Moon Party














Vendor Details

Concept, design, styling, stationery and photography – Little Birdie Events 
Backdrop – Ham & Pea Design & Paperie
Cupcakes, biscuits, coconut ice – A Little Slice of Heaven
Dessert pots, tarts, heart brownies – Taart
Passionfruit marshmallow, chocolate bouchons – Jocelyn’s Provisions
Macarons – Marche du Macaron
Cake – Welsh Lady
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