Sep 23, 2013

Revenge Premiere Party Ideas

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Great Finds

Red Charger  | Gun Plate | Infinity BowlInfinity Pitcher | Grayson Wine | Porter Beer | Wine Glasses | Beer Mugs | Strawberries | Apple Pie Cookies

The season premiere of Revenge is this Sunday {September 29th} so we’re sharing some fun ideas for a Revenge Premiere Party. We think the infinity symbol from the Revenge logo could be a great way to bring in pattern for a premiere party. The Infinity bowl and pitcher are perfect, right? Bring in some character drama by serving both upscale and casual appetizers. We couldn’t believe that we found both Grayson wine and Porter beer! Serve Grayson wine and tuxedo strawberries as they would in Grayson Manor, and also serve Porter beer and casual food to tie in Jack and Declan Porter’s Montauk Stowaway Tavern. Of course, a red and black color palette is perfect for this type of party. Who here watches the show? What do you think Emily/Amanda has up her sleeve? Chime in with your premiere party ideas!

Fun Fact: Although the show takes place in the Hamptons, filming is actually in a California studio. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting an invite to Grayson Manor!


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