Sep 19, 2013

Great Finds: GODIVA Truffle Flights

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Great Finds


I’m sure you all know, but I’m pretty obsessed with truffles. I mean, what is not to love, right? Chocolate coatings filled with oozy, rich and creamy ganache? I’ve used thousands over the years on my dessert tables, piling them high in compotes and on cake stands. I’ve tried truffles from everywhere. I dare you to test me. Don’t because the list is too long. My standard for truffles is very high. So I was blown away when I tried out GODIVA’s brand new Truffle Flights™. Yes, you heard that right. Like a wine flight collection that people have at wine tasting parties. But way better. Because we’re talking about truffle flights, folks. I mean is there anything better than getting friends together and exploring flavors, textures and aromas of chocolate truffles? Brilliant. I’m not sure we even need to have wine at this party if these are involved! No need to pile these high on a platter for a party, either. Simply lay out the truffles on a plate in the order they are intended to be eaten and enter the journey.

Okay, let’s get down to business. There are six different GODIVA truffle flight experiences. I tried every single one. It may have been in one sitting. {it would happen to you so don’t even go there}. The truffles are placed in order for the ideal tasting experience and each flight tells a different story. Just like with a wine flight, you want to experience the journey by tasting new gustatory surprises as you are working your way through the collection. The Nut Lovers Truffle Flight is my personal favorite. I DARE you not to gobble down the Hazelnut Crunch before the Salted Almond. Actually, you’ll want to taste the Salted Almond before Hazelnut Crunch because of the order of the truffles since the flavors move from nutty to deeper caramelized flavors as you move along. I was tempted to eat that Hazelnut Crunch first. They are THAT good. I also think you’ll all love the Cake Truffle Flight. This collection is colorful and great for birthdays and parties. There’s a sprinkled birthday cake truffle, a cheesecake truffle and even a red velvet cake truffle in this one. This is a great birthday gift. Hey, you can even decorate the top of a buttercream birthday cake with these truffles because they are so colorful! The Dark Decadence Truffle Flight is wonderfully decadent and indulgent. It has a Chocolate Soufflé truffle, a Chocolate Lava Cake truffle, and an Aztec Spice truffle. Beyond. There’s also a Milk Chocolate Lovers Truffle Flight {bookmark that for Valentine’s Day}, a Heavenly Mousse Truffle Flight {look no further for a hostess gift}and an Ultimate Dessert Truffle Flight {Crème Brulee truffle, anyone?}.

My love for GODIVA just entered a whole new level. Want the scoop on all the truffle flights? Check them out here. This is a great find. I know what I’m getting everyone for the holidays…


*I’ve partnered with GODIVA on this post because I really love this product. All opinions are my own.


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