Jun 27, 2013

Summer Snow Cone Soiree

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Great Finds

After posting this snow cone party, we thought it would be fun to share some fun tools for a snow cone soiree. It is high 80s in NYC and we could definitely cool down with an icy treat! We love snow cones because they are easy to make, colorful, nostalgic and refreshing. Serve spiked snow cones for an adult soiree or virgin snow cones for the ‘lil ones. We’ve rounded up our favorite snow cone products for you to throw a snow cone soiree. What’s your favorite flavor Snow Cone?


Red & White Cone, White Cone, Red, White & Blue Cone, Mandarin Tangering Syrup, Cherry Lime Syrup, Glass PourerSpoons, Snow Cone Maker, Ice Cream Scooper

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