Jun 20, 2013

Mermaids and Pirates Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

It can sometimes be a challenge when planning a joint birthday party for a boy and a girl. One of our readers, Courtney Portner, created this mermaid party for her twins and we think it is fantastic for a boy/girl party. Inspired by Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea fabric line, Courtney combined her daughter’s love of mermaids and her son’s love of pirates in an untraditional pink and navy palette. We adore the embroidery hoops that Courtney used for the backdrop for the dessert table. Sweet treats on the dessert table included fondant spy glasses and mermaid tail cupcakes, a pirate and mermaid cake, pirate cake pops, chocolate lollipops, and the amazing hand painted sugar cookies that replicated the fabric design. At the party table, boys had table settings with a hat, eye patch, spy glass and compass. The girls had mermaid felt tails {love!}, ribbon crowns, starfish wands, and a fabric treasure map. Guests played cannon balls (newspaper balls covered in black duct tape), made messages in a bottle, and dug for treasure. Great job!  Scroll down for the vendor credits.


Cookies: Arty McGoo
Fondant toppers: Edible Details
Chocolate Lollipops: Suckers by Steph
Pinatas: AbitaAchie
Personalized Canvas Bags: Petite Cadeau
Colored Mason Jars: Firefly Atelier
Pirate Eye Patches: Her Flying Horses
Compass Place Cards: LH Calligraphy
Spy Glasses: Amazon
Starfish: Seashell Collection
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