Jun 14, 2013

Happy Father’s Day

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest

Clockwise: (1) My dad in NYC during winter – early 1960’s, (2) my dad holding my brother, (3) dad in NYC, (4) Dad soaking in the sun (that picture is classic dad – he was doing that wherever he was – he loved the sun!) with my mom – June 1963, (4) dad on his beloved Vespa. he used to pick up my mom on the vespa and ride around the bronx, (5) dad kissing mom – December 1964. Bottom Photo – Getting out the vote with Congressman Teddy Kupferman.

Lisa and I both found old pictures of our fathers recently and with Father’s Day around the corner, we really wanted to share them. Father’s Day is always a little hard for us, as we both lost our fathers to cancer in the last few years. Above are pictures of my dad (and mom) and below are pictures of Lisa’s dad (and her mom). These were taken when they were even younger than we are now, at a time when they were energetic with the world before them. It’s exactly how we’d like to remember them.

About my dad – My dad had a huge love for life. He was charismatic, unconventional, adventurous yet a meticulous planner, an avid traveler and photographer, loved politics, extremely organized and responsible, a mentor to everyone around him. He created and owned a successful law firm and was a pioneer lawyer in the mental health law field. He was also the best Jewish salsa and meringue dancer you could find in the Bronx. He loved the sun and you’d know when he was around because you’d smell Tropicana coconut oil. Most of all, he was an amazing father. He was there for my brother and I for every scrape and fall, every accomplishment and every defeat. Often things he said to us were “I’m in your corner,” “I’m proud of you” and “I’m on your team.” He was a coach, cheerleader, teammate and mentor, all at the same time. Miss you every day, Dad.

About Lisa’s dad – My dad had a big personality and the height to go with it (he was 6’4″). He was a creature of habit who didn’t like to stray away from his favorite “spots” in the city. He loved the METS and the theater and would light up when talking about either one. Technology was his thing.  He had to own the latest phone, camera, computer, ipad..etc. You name it, we had it. Above all else though, my dad loved his family. When I told him the summer before I graduated from college that I wanted to move to New York City, he looked at my mother and said, “if you and your brother are both there, then we will be there too”. And they were. I miss you daddy.

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