Jun 14, 2013

Great Finds: Doughnuttery

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds

We mentioned last Friday that we were heading down to Chelsea Market to check out Doughnuttery. We were met with open arms by Evan Feldman, the shop’s owner. At first glance, these mini doughnuts looked like any other doughnut.  However, once we tasted them, we realized that this was not your average doughnut. Yes, Evan has classic flavors like cinnamon and glazed, but what sets his doughnuts apart is that he has created an array of gourmet sanding sugars to accompany his doughnuts.Specialty sugars include Purple Potatoes, Bacon with Maple (Purple Pig), Lavender and Pistachio (Paris Time), Green Coffee, Banana, Coconut (Urban Monkey), and many more! You can look at the full sanding sugar menu here. Customers can also add Evan’s gourmet dipping sauces to their donuts. He often uses local purveyors to make the sugars and his dipping sauces. Our favorite was the beer caramel sauce which is made from beer that Evan gets at a brewery in Chelsea Market. Evan let us jump in and make some doughnuts. Scroll down to see a sneak peek at his shop and the process for making the doughnuts!

If you are in NYC, Chelsea Market is a must….and don’t forget to stop by Doughnuttery!

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