Apr 18, 2013

Pretty in Pink Party Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

Pink and Green Fancy Dinner

We are swooning over this party that was styled by one of our readers, Michelle. We featured the fantastic Little Rascals party that she styled for her son’s birthday a few months ago and today she is back with a fancy dinner party for her daughter’s 8th birthday. Michelle’s family rolled up their sleeves and got their craft on. A giant gold monogram was created out of a leftover plasma television cardboard box, yard sale chairs were painted gold, and each guest’s placecard was handmade out of wire, glue, and glitter. Michelle also created her daughter’s silhouette to hang above the table. Michelle’s fourteen-year-old daughter made the the ruffled ombre cake {amazing} while her husband worked tirelessly in the kitchen preparing an entire four course meal for the ladies. He also greeted them at the door and took their bags. A collaboration by a very talented family! So pretty.

Fancy Dinner for girls

Fancy Dinner party for girls

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Pretty Party for Girls

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