Feb 21, 2013

Crafty Oscar Party Gift Bag Ideas

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, DIY and Templates

We’re back with yet another fun Oscar post.  We know we’ve inundated you with Oscar ideas, but hopefully we’ve inspired you to throw an Oscar party and have armed you with enough ideas {see links below for golden ideas} for the big night. We’re back with some fun crafty Oscar party swag ideas. We put together gift bags for a project this week and thought we’d share some pictures of the crafty ideas we created. Below are descriptions since we won’t have time to give the full DIYs this week. We put all of our crafty goody bags above in one GIANT golden hatbox trimmed with red velvet ribbon. Your Oscar party guests will be thrilled to go home with any of these swag-filled gift boxes! If you have kids, get them involved with making these EASY projects as well!

Director Paper Cup Megaphones – Send your guests home with popcorn or treats in these fun cups. You can serve these during the Oscars also or use the cups for your bar area. We cut a piece of white construction paper, formed it into a ring and attached it to the bottom of a black paper cup.  We then folded a 2 inch x 1/2 inch piece of white construction paper at 1/2 inch in lengthwise and hot glued the paper handle to the black paper cup. We finished the megaphone cups off by adding the word “Director” to the cups with red sticker letters.

ClapperBoard Gift Boxes – We attached chalkboard paper to a plain white box. We then wrote production, date, scene, etc with a chalkboard marker. We filled in diagonal black lines on two pieces of white construction paper to finish off the clapperboard box. You can fill the boxes with any type of swag, but we filled them with licorice “film reel” candy in cellophane bags adorned with golden tassels.

Old Fashioned Film Reel Containers – We decorated plain black hat boxes to mimic old fashioned film reels. We cut white construction paper into a spoke-like pattern and attached it to the hat box cover. We then cut small squares of white construction paper and attached them to a strip of black construction paper to mimic the reel. We attached the reel to the bottom portion of the hatbox. Don’t limit this fun container to a goody box. Use them as vessels to display food during your Oscar party as well!

Red Glam Dress and Black Tie Goody Boxes – Simple red and black boxes can be “dressed up” to look glam with just a little help from construction paper, ribbon, and stickers. For the red glam dress, we cut out gold construction paper to add a silhouette to the red box. We then embellished the box with jewelry stickers. For the black tie box, white and grey construction paper was used to make the shirt, while a small piece of black ribbon was cinched together to create a black tuxedo tie. We made black buttons by simply adding dots with a black Sharpie on the white construction paper shirt.

Golden Oscar Goody Box – Want to send your guests home with their own golden goody bag?  Here is an easy way. We wrapped gold glittered scrapbook paper around the side and top of a small hatbox. We then cut out an additional piece of gold glitter paper into an Oscar shaped statue. You can print out a picture of an Oscar to help guide you with tracing out the  golden Statue. Make sure your paper is sturdy enough to handle standing up on the hatbox. Glittered paper is strong enough to secure the statue to the hatbox. Attach golden Oscar paper statue to hatbox.

Ticket Bags – Fill up cellophane bags with red and gold candy. Tie up with a gold tassel or red velvet rope and secure a ticket coupon to the tassel tie.

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