Jan 30, 2013

Ad-Bowl Scorecard Game for 2015 SuperBowl

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, DIY and Templates

Yesterday, we showed our version of the ANTI-SUPERBOWL party. For many, the Superbowl is ALL about the commercial breaks. We loved the Honda Matthew “Bueller” Broderick ad last year. What will the winner ad be this year?

So we came up with a fun AdBowl activity for you all to do with your guests…

Here is a fun activity for those who are looking forward to the commercial breaks. Add this AdBowl game to your SuperBowl party. We’ve included the advertisers who will be showing ads this year. Feel free to free printable Ad ScoreCard and hand out to your guests so that they can score (1-10 or however you want to grade)and make comments about the ads. Your guests can compare notes and make predictions for the best ad as well.

Will you be watching the Superbowl?


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