Dec 21, 2012

Amy’s Sweet Holiday Wish List

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Great Finds

1. DVF Dress  2. Cuff  3.  Shoes  4.  Necklace  5.  Ikat Tray

I hope you’ve enjoyed our holiday wish lists. Above are some items that I had picked out for my holiday wish list a while back. Truthfully, I debated even putting up this series after last week’s shooting in Newtown. It all seems so trivial. Yes, the items above are all great, but if I’m being perfectly honest, what I really want is happiness, health, and peace. I hope you all get time to relish every moment with your family and friends this season.  xoxo-Amy

My wish for 2013: Peace, health and happiness, especially for children.

I saw something on FB and want to share it.  It is called  “Another Mother’s Prayer” and it is dedicated to the Newtown, CT Moms. Seeing the picture with the toothpaste smeared on the sink (something that almost always drives me crazy!) and then reading the poem was another reminder of how very lucky I am. I will look at that toothpaste (and many other things in the poem) in another way from now on…through another mother’s eyes. Click here to read it.

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