Dec 17, 2012


By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest

Like many around the world, I am heartbroken about what happened at Sandy Brook Elementary school in Newtown, CT. Originally, I wrote an 800 word post about my feelings as a mom of a 6 year old and eight year old watching this unfold. After reading it several times last night, I realized the names above are all that is needed to write here.

Important: I learned that an old friend of mine had daughters that were in the school that day.  My friend’s daughters Allie and Brooke were in their classrooms in Sandy Hook during the shootings. They were in their cubbies while their brave teachers protected them.They both lost many friends that day, as well as their beloved principal and former teacher Mrs. Soto. You can read about them here.  If anyone wants to make a donation directly to the families, I can put you in touch with Kristin. She is close with some of the families who lost children.

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