Dec 07, 2012

What Inspires Me: Art

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Great Finds

I’ll admit it…I’m having Art Basel envy.  Many of my friends are currently attending Art Basel in Miami, where beautiful art gets revealed each year. I’m staying in NYC for holiday parties, but am still getting an Art Basel fix with a little cyber inspiration. A lot of people ask me what inspires me. The truth is…it is anything and everything. My advice is always to look in unexpected places. Design inspiration can come from so many different mediums of art. It can be a Mondrian or it can be a note or riff in a song.  Today I’m inspired by the color, shape and composition of the gorgeous installations above at Art Basel. Just take the hanging lavender bauble installation above. That itself conjures several images in my mind of various interpretations of those jeweled balls (think hanging translucent bauble runners, a bauble design on a cake, or a craft project with connected embroidery hoops painted with sparkly paint). Of course, I’d love those baubles around my neck or as a belt as well! Let your mind wander and the possibilities will be endless. For now, my mind is wandering in Miami at Art Basel….

What is inspiring you today?

Images from Arratia Beer Gallery, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Kukje Gallery, Scai The Bathhouse Gallery, Sean Kelly Gallery, Thomas Dane Gallery and Van de Weghe Gallery via Huffington Post.


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