Sep 17, 2012

Sweet New Year: Mini Apple Pie Recipe

I’m currently celebrating Rosh Hashana with my family and I thought it would be a good time to share my mini apple pies from Sweet Designs.  One of the rituals of Rosh Hashana is taking sweet apples and dipping them in honey. This is to symbolize that the New Year will be a sweet one. At our Rosh Hashana table, there is a big bowl of glistening honey and after the bracha you’ll find many sticky hands {both big and small} scooping up the honey to cover our sweet apples as much as possible. While my mini apple pies below are stuffed with tart apples, I’ve tossed them with sugar and the result is a wonderful dessert for a sweet Rosh Hashana. If you don’t celebrate Rosh Hashana, bookmark this for a fall recipe. It is a wonderful time to use up those extra granny smith apples!  Either way, I hope today is sweet for you.

IMPORTANT  – For the Pie Dough recipe, scroll down and use the all butter pie dough ingredients (remember to double it) and only follow step 1. Do not use steps 2-8 on the second page (that is for a cherry pie recipe!). 

Mini Apple Pie Recipe from Sweet Designs Amy Atlas

Mini Apple Pie Recipe from Sweet Designs Amy Atlas

Copyright Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It, Hyperion Books 2012
Photography by Johnny Miller.




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