Sep 13, 2012

Behind the Scenes: iCream Cafe Chicago

By: Amy Atlas, in Behind The Scenes

Amy Atlas and Icream founder Cara Shaw

While we were in Chicago for the book tour, we decided to do a little “research” and made our way to iCream in the Wicker Park section of the city. What started as a business idea for owner Cara Shaw’s MBA presentation was taken to a new level after seeing an Alton Brown liquid nitrogen special on ice cream on The Food Network. iCream uses liquid nitrogen to whip up ice cream in just a few minutes while customers are in the store. Multiple mixers with cold air steaming out of the mixing bowl is what customers see when they walk into the store. It is definitely an experience to watch the ice cream being made.¬†Your kids will be fascinated by both the scientific creation and the taste of the ice cream! ¬†Customers get to customize the flavor, cream base, and type of sugar. Ingredients are filled with flasks and lab tubes to play off the science theme. Take a look at how it is made below!

Lisa from Amy Atlas enjoying her custom Ice cream


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