Aug 03, 2012

It’s Time Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

We love the idea of gender reveal parties and this one from Lyndsey at LuLu’s is so creative. She wanted to do something original and thought it would be fun to have a cuckoo clock chime and have her kids rush to see a bird deliver a slip of paper telling everyone if they were having a boy or a girl.  After doing some research, she realized that would be difficult to do and was excited when she discovered a DIY tutorial on a website for a mock cuckoo clock. She recorded a very loud cuckoo clock chime and had it chime in and interrupt the soiree. Lyndsey’s oldest son rushed to pull the slip of paper off the clock and scream the results to their guests. How fun is that? Sweet treats on the dessert table included sugar cookies {love} Heath Bar cheesecake pops, white chocolate truffle cupcakes, roasted coconut cake, and homemade caramel corn. Scroll down for the vendor credits.

Photography by Photos by Kendy Schimmel.


Event Paperie and Party Styling: LuLu’s
Cookies: Hayley Cakes and Cookies 
Cheesecake Pops, Cupcakes, and Cakes: Teri Lee Creations
DIY Cuckoo Clock Tutorial: Every Kelly 
Giant Balloons: Shop Sweet LuLu



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