Jul 11, 2012

Behind the Book Tour: Texas {Houston and Austin Stops}

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Book


Well…they say that everything is bigger in Texas and they do not lie!  At our Houston and Austin book events, everyone came out with big hearts and big personalities. We definitely felt the love. At the Houston stop, we arrived to the Williams-Sonoma store and saw this as we were parking. What an incredible welcome from the WS team. It was definitely a moment to see that. You just have to take in those moments, right?

Here’s a closer look…whoa, that is cool.

When we walked in, the WS Houston team had breakfast waiting. There was kolache, freshly squeezed OJ and specialty coffees brewed in the store. Stacia and team – thanks for spoiling us!

At every event, I talk to each person ahead of time to find out a little about them. Here’s a peek…

Look at all of these lovely women…There were a couple of men on the sides, I promise!

And look who’s in the crowd. Bridget from Bake at 350!  Even lovelier in person, if that’s possible. I met her sweet family as well.

In action during the presentation…

I guess I said something funny!

So much FUN!

The cute mom and daughter duo in the red and white striped outfits on the right below drove all the way from another part of Texas and stayed in a hotel overnight to come to the event. I’m so glad they came.

My friend, stylist Randi Brookman Harris, had her mom {above left} pop by and say hi. Below is an 11 year old baker {with mom}, who created a cake inspired by the Perfectly Preppy chapter in Sweet Designs. Her note brought me to tears. She has a bright future ahead of her!

Notice the ladies with the giant box of chocolate covered pretzels below on the right?  We’ve been spoiled with desserts at each location and those ladies brought Houston-style chocolate covered horseshoes, cowboy hats and cowboy boot pretzels.  We’ll be doing a round-up of all of the dessert companies we met on the road so stay tuned for information on those delicious treats.

I don’t think she bought enough books:)

The Houston WS crew. Check out their display behind us. Thank you!  Scroll down for the Austin re-cap.

Now for Austin. David and his team welcomed us with open arms and the crowd could not be more attentive. This group had so many fantastic questions. After the first q & a, I always stay for a separate “small business” q&a session. At the beginning of the tour, this small business q&a started as an impromptu part of the presentation since so many women starting small businesses come out. Over the course of the tour, this small business discussion has evolved into a separate q & a after the presentation. We had lots of great students at the small business talk in Austin! We also met Michelle from The Modern Jewish Wedding {loved her!}, who had been tweeting about our visit to Austin. We were so excited to be in Austin and only wish we had more time. We need to go back for some live music…stat.  Thank you Austin!

Some were even taking notes. Love that!

We loved the Austin crew!  Thank you!


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