Jul 09, 2012

Sweet Talk: Duff Goldman & Charm City Cakes Crew

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Videos

This morning we showed you a little behind the scenes of our Williams-Sonoma signing in Annapolis, Maryland. Before getting to Annapolis, we detoured to Baltimore to hang out with Duff Goldman and the Charm City Cakes crew. Many of you know Duff and his team from Ace of Cakes. After hanging with Duff and his team that day, we can tell you that they are as warm and sweet as they seemed on the show. There is a reason why the show was on for 5 years. Duff created a family-like environment in his Charm City Cakes studio. So much so, that we were there for over 3 hours and didn’t want to leave.  Duff…are you hiring any time soon?! Because we loved it there! Scroll down for the vlog {sorry about the sound quality – we’re working on that} AND the behind the scenes play-by-play at the studio with photos.

PS – Charm City Cakes just opened a new store in Los Angeles so if you are in LA and you are in the market for a fantastic cake, make sure you stop by.

Below – The Charm City Cakes team…How cool are they?!  We also love their studio. It has an art loft vibe to it. It makes sense because most of the staff are artists who then learned how to bake.  Photo by Astrid Photography.

The front of their studio…notice Duff’s cool bike in the front. Yes, he drove away in style on his bike in the video below…

Inspiration boards on their wall. Notice there is a lot of fashion inspiration…

Many think of sculpted cakes when they think of Charm City Cakes because Ace of Cakes focused heavily on their sculpted cakes. We discovered that their team has very versatile skills and were impressed with their summer collection, which focuses on fashionable designs. Pretty, right?

We caught this note on one of the boards below and loved it.  The team is so collaborative and we loved the “Good Job, Sofia!” note.

We sat down with Duff and tasted many cakes. Chocolate peanut butter, lemon poppyseed, carrot cake, cardamom pistachio, and blueberry muffin were just a few of the flavors. Each cake was yummier than the next.

A sketch of one of the cakes they were working on while we were in the studio…

Here is Elena working on that cake.  Check out the mozzarella balls!  We loved seeing the team in action.

A bowling cake they were making while we were there…Lucky client:)

Duff gave me a graffiti lesson using his very big collection of edible paints. I was ready to start writing with bubble letters, but Duff instead showed me how to paint a fondant rose. I love how he was graceful at creating a fondant rose {me – not so much…fine motor skills were never my big strength} and then he rocked it out Duff-style by painting it with graphic graffiti paint. I could definitely get into graffiti.

Happy campers after eating cake:)  What a great place to be around. Duff and team – you guys rocked!  Scroll down for the video.

Note – we had some sound/video quality issues while on the road and did the best we could to pull together a video. We apologize in advance for the technical difficulties, but you can still get a sense of the cool vibe there.

Sweet Talk Ace of Cakes2 from Amy Atlas on Vimeo.

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