Jun 15, 2012

Behind the Book Tour: The First Week!

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Book

Whew, it has been a busy couple of weeks for us. Two weeks ago, we ventured out on our national book tour with Williams-Sonoma. The first week had three stops. We started with the Windy City and then we moved on to Philly and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. I have to say…it has been pretty cool. Not only because I’ve been shopping Williams-Sonoma products since as long as I can remember. Although that does make it sweeter.  Not just because the Williams-Sonoma teams rock and “get” my work and are incredibly gracious {they SERIOUSLY rock}. But the sweetest part is that I get to meet all of you that come out at the stops. From home hosts to seasoned planners to pastry chefs, we’ve been able to personally connect with so many people and hear everyone’s personal hosting/baking stories. Moms brought their kids and asked about how to start a business with a family. College students came out for creative advice. Bakers asked about how to change up recipes for different seasons. Serial hosts asked about how much to serve. Professionals {yes, even some other former lawyers} came out and asked about how to transition into a creative career. We all learned from each other.

At each city, I do a 45 minute demo of my Picnic in the Park chapter of Sweet Designs. In the first market, it started out as a 20 minute demo. Then I started getting into my groove and realized I had so many tips to give that it turned into a longer demo. After each demo, I answer questions from everyone and sign books and take pictures until the last person leaves. At each stop, there is a lot of laughter, lots of strawberry trifle eaten, and most importantly, everyone {including me} leaves learning something. It’s been very rewarding.

Since not all of you can get to the locations, scroll below for a virtual peek. Here is a recap of the first week. After we finish the tour, maybe I’ll get up many of the tips I shared at each location.  Would you all like that?

PS – Please excuse the camera quality.  We were, eh, having a bad camera day?

Chicago – Our first stop will always have a special place in our hearts.  This Williams-Sonoma store was situated in the middle of North Michigan Avenue’s amazing mall.  We were welcomed with open arms from the WS team.  Big shout out to Matthew and Ryan, who were effortless in executing the design at the very first event!  Even with the monsoon happening outside the mall, we had some hard core party stylists come out, including a woman who came all the way from Argentina!  Other stylists that came out included Kelly of WH Hostess, Jessie from Shop Sweet LuLu, and Lizbeth from Fancy Candies. Scroll down for pictures and other markets.

Philadelphia!  We were worried we weren’t going to make it to this one on time!  We flew from Chicago to NY the night before and then left on a 6am road trip to Philly. It was a parade of horribles of trains, planes, and automobiles after that.  I’ll spare you of the details, but let’s just say we were very happy when we saw the WS Philly sign below!  The crowd at Philly were those that wanted to break into styling and creative college women. There was a husband who accompanied his aspiring party planner wife.  I loved that. Props to Jeffrey for doing everything from slicing pound cake to hanging banners for us!

King of Prussia!  How does a shopping gal like me NOT know about this mall?  Where have I been for the last few decades? We never did make it into any stores so we’ll have to book a trip back to this location pronto!  We headed to this store right after the Philly event.  The energy of this store is amazing.  It is bustling with hard core cooks. The well-seasoned staff {some there for over 20 years} were telling everyone in the mall about me coming. Yay to Brian and his very talented and enthusiastic team! We had many moms come out with kids at this location {I loved that} and the kids had an amazing time. We met Linda from Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design, Nikki from Nikki, in Stitches and Alicia from Carter Girl Events, and many more.

We have our wonderful Annapolis, MD trip to catch you up on.  Tomorrow we do our NY stop {Yay for our hometown} and then we head to Austin, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.  Check out the rest of the schedule here!  We hope you enjoyed the recap of the first week. xoxo


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