May 18, 2012

Amy Atlas Moment: First Birthday Party

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

One of the best things about this book experience so far has been the enormous support that I have received from YOU (thank you). One of the things that makes me smile the most is when our readers tell us that they were given the confidence to create their own dessert tables because of us. At the Bloomingdales event, that is exactly what happened when I met Anne. She spoke about the table she created for her son’s first birthday and it sounded so fabulous that I asked her to send me photos. And, the photos did not disappoint. Anne knew that she wanted the focal point of the party to be the dessert display. The theme of the party was the hanbok boy and bunny (as her son was born in the year of the bunny) representing her son’s Korean and Chinese background. Her son wore both Chinese and Korean traditional outfits during the party.  Sweet treats on the dessert table included cupcakes, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate cake pops, green tea candies and japanese soda candies. Anne made most of the decorations herself. Have you had an “Amy Atlas Moments”?  We would love see pictures.

Photography by Janice Ong Photography.

Photo credit for above:  Elizabeth + Rich Photography


Cakes and Cupcakes: Nine Cakes
Invitations and Banners: Little Seouls Party
Balloons: Balloon Saloon
Dessert Toppers: Yes Ma’am Sweets
Paper Persimmons: The Mechanical Koi



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