May 16, 2012

Great Finds: Mom, Inc.

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds

Last year, I was approached by Cat Seto and Meg Mateo Ilasco to be a part of their new book Mom, Inc. I met with lovely Cat while she was in NYC and we had a wonderful chat about motherhood and starting businesses. I almost forgot about this project until I received an advance copy of the book last week. I have to say…this book is a great resource for anyone starting a business. The book profiles various moms who have started businesses in the creative space. Not only does the book give honest anecdotes from experts in the creative field, but Cat and Meg also share their experiences and resources. While the book offers advice for moms balancing work and home, I wouldn’t discount it if you are not a mom. In fact, it addresses everything from coming up with a business plan to networking, marketing, and turning a hobby into a profitable business. I honestly wish I would have had this book when I was first starting out! It will become your new silent partner! Check out the trailer below.



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