May 11, 2012

What’s Cooking for Mother’s Day?

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Scenes

Photo by Johnny Miller. Courtesy of Sweet Designs: Bake It Craft It Style It.

How is it already Mother’s Day?  As a mom, I’m usually thinking of everyone else’s holidays and often forget when special occasions come up that celebrate me. I’m sure I’m not alone on this one, right? I’m curious what you all do for Mother’s Day? Do you get pampered by your kids and spouse?  Do you find yourself in the kitchen anyway baking like me with my boys above? Are you somehow still involved with the card or craft project that your kids are making for you? Do your kids and spouse take over and surprise you?  I’d love to hear what you all do.

I did get my first Mother’s Day card of the year already from my little son. Below is a peek of the inside….pretty precious, right? That’s me on the right and he’s on the left. My budding artist!

Please share what you are doing.  I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!  xoxo

PS – If your kids are baking/crafting from my book, please share what they are making!



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