Mar 06, 2012

Great Finds: Judith Klausner’s Oreo Cookie Cameos

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds

At first glance, the photo above looks like a beautiful ivory cameo that one would find in their grandmother’s jewelry box. Look a little closer and you realize that it is a victorian silhouette made from the cream center of the Oreo Cookie! In her series From Scratch, artist Judith Klausner uses food to create incredible pieces of art. Judith uses Oreo Cookies, Chex Cereal and bread as canvases and transforms these modern packaged foods into Victorian handicrafts. For the cameos, she carves directly onto the filling using the cookie as her frame. Toothpicks and sewing pins are her tools for the fine details.

In honor of the centennial of the Oreo Cookie, we have picked a few of her favorite cameos to show you. However, you can go to her website here to see the rest of her fantastic work.


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