Jan 26, 2012

Giving Thanks

By: Amy Atlas, in Ask Amy, Behind The Scenes

My friend Jessie of Rountree sent me these gorgeous flowers the other day and now I’m sending them virtually to you to thank you all.  I’m currently sitting in my bed, finally reflecting over the excitement over the last few days. Between the book announcement and a video trailer for the book yesterday, I feel like jelly sitting here. I can barely move any part of my body, but I have to move these fingertips so I can type and thank you.  I’ve been personally thanking everyone on Facebook and Twitter, but for those of you who aren’t on there, I need to thank you here today.  Getting the pre-sales #’s that we did over the last couple of days was the work of an incredible community.  I’ve been told that just because you have a big following, it doesn’t mean that people are going to buy your book, let alone pre-order before seeing one single picture in the book!  But we defeated those odds.  #11 on Barnes & Noble overall list?  Wow.  #21 on the overall Amazon list? Unbelievable. #1 in cakes, entertaining, and special occasions. Amazing. #1 mover and shaker book on Amazon?  Insane. It is a testament to our community. Seeing your support has truly been the most gratifying part of the last few days. So, thank you, from the absolute bottom of my heart.  I have met some of you already, but I really hope I can meet every single one of you this year.

A little bit about what’s to come and then we’ll start getting up our regular posts for the day.  Some of you have mentioned on Facebook that you want to see more between now and April.  We will be sharing peeks of the interior soon. We’ll probably get the first shots up in two weeks. I wish I could share them all today. Trust me…they are gorgeous!

Here’s just a small peek of the book trailer video being filmed yesterday, but you’ll get a bigger behind the scenes on that soon. If you haven’t already, please continue to spread the word to family and friends to buy the book here and here.


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