Jan 17, 2012

Fashion Accessories Collection with Wrigley {Recipe}

We hope you were here yesterday to check out our A-line shift cookie collection made using Wrigley products.  Here are some more fun ideas for using gum and candy for decorating sweets for fashion week, an awards show, or for a treat for someone who simply loves fashion. We used Wrigley gum, Life Savers®, and Skittles® to create a quilted purse, studded cuff, and bling-y ring.  Since gum is malleable, it is easy to turn bend the edges to look like a purse, like the classic Chanel bag. The diagonal lines on Wrigley gum make it really easy to create a quilted pattern by simply scoring the gum in the opposite direction to create a quilted pattern. When you are looking to use gum or candy with decorating, look at the natural design {like the lines on the Wrigley gum} to inspire what design you want to create.  Scroll down to check out the recipe for these fun accessories!

Fashion Collection: Accessories Cupcakes


Makes 12 cupcakes, 4 of each accessory (recipe contains edible ingredients, except gum)


12 cupcakes, store bought or homemade

1 container of canned frosting

2 cups powdered sugar

4 Tbsp milk



4 sticks 5® Cobalt™ gum

4 pieces Life Savers® Hard Candy, Pep-O-Mint

16 Altoids®

4 Skittles® Original Flavor pieces


1 piece, Doublemint® gum

4 pieces, Life Savers® Hard Candy (any flavor)


4 sticks Juicy Fruit® gum

3 sticks 5® Cobalt™ gum



1. If you are baking cupcakes, preheat oven and bake cupcakes according to store bought cupcake package; let the cupcakes cool.

2. While the cupcakes cool, prepare the royal icing. In a bowl, mix powdered sugar and milk mixture thoroughly to form a smooth texture. You can also use store bought royal icing instead of the milk/powdered sugar mix.

3. Create cupcake accessories (*directions below.)

4. Place finished accessories on top of frosted cupcakes, securing in icing.



1. Take one piece of 5 Cobalt gum and cut in half lengthwise with a scissor or X-acto knife.

2. Using royal icing, “glue” ends together to form a long strip and let the royal frosting harden.

2. Use royal icing to glue on a Life Savers mint piece in center, followed by two large Altoids on either side. Glue Skittles piece on top of Life Savers piece to resemble a jewel.

3. Once royal icing dries completely, glue ends of gum together to form a circle.

4. Repeat with remaining ingredients to create a total of 4 bracelets.


1. Take one stick of Doublemint gum and cut into thirds, lengthwise.

2. Cut about a half inch off length of gum and “glue” ends together using royal icing to form a ring. Repeat with remaining two sticks of gum.

3. Using royal icing “glue” on Life Savers mint piece as a jewel.

4. Let dry with the Life Savers piece facing down to make sure the gum ring doesn’t break.

5. Repeat for the remaining 3 rings.



1. Using a piece of Juicy Fruit gum, take an X-acto knife and score along existing diagonal pattern of the gum. Score the gum in the opposite direction creating a quilted pattern.

2. To form the shape of the purse, fold gum into oval shape working the ends into a less round finish (pointier); use royal icing to “glue” ends together.

3. To create detailing and a handle, take remaining piece of Juicy Fruit and 5 Cobalt gum and cut into quarters, lengthwise.

4. Using one thin strip of each gum twist it, similar to a braid, to form a handle, securing it onto the purse with the royal icing.

5. Decorate the purse with three thin strips of the 5 Cobalt gum also using royal icing.

6. Repeat process for remaining three purses.

**Amy Atlas is a compensated spokesperson for Wrigley.


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