Jan 05, 2012

Haute Herringbone!


1. Stationery 2. Toms 3. Cake 4. Blanket 5. Pillow 6. Tray 7. Tumblers 8. Vest 9. Chair

The Amy Atlas crew loves herringbone. A close cousin to the wider chevron pattern, herringbone zigs and zags with its sharp jagged lines. As you can see above, this Savile Row-style pattern lends a traditional vibe to baking/party decor, fashion, or interiors.  Whether it’s in monochromatic shades or multiple colors, the small-scaled pattern also gives a lovely illusion of texture. Take the painted herringbone chair above as an example. It looks like it has layers of texture, yet it is simply a flat, painted herringbone technique from the Martha Stewart folks. Pretty fabulous, right?  How have you used this lovely pattern?

To learn more about patterns, view our pattern styling bible.

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