Dec 13, 2011

Football Fun with Wrigley

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest

Superbowl is just a little over a month away. We are definitely football fans in the Amy Atlas office. Of course, we love the Jets and Giants..but we can also be seen cheering the Florida State Seminoles and Dolphins. As we mentioned here, we have partnered with Wrigley to show candy fans, party stylists, and DIY’ers everywhere how Wrigley gum and candy can be used in many other fun or delicious ways. We created this decorative football centerpiece using Skittles, Vortex gum and Doublemint gum. Yes, that was all that was used besides construction paper and lollipop sticks!  This centerpiece can be made bigger to look like a runner, or can be placed into a serving tray to showcase Superbowl desserts or drinks.  Either way, your guests will love it.  Scroll down to check out our crafting instructions to make this fun project.

Football Field Tray

Makes 1 tray (*recipe is non-edible)

Required materials

1 serving tray (suggested size: 20 inches x 12 inches)

1 sheet green construction paper or cardstock (suggested size: 25 inches x 20 inches, cut to size of inside of tray)
400 pieces green (lime) Skittles® Original Flavor
100 pieces light green (green apple watermelon freeze) Skittles Blenders™
42 sticks Doublemint® gum
1 15-ct pack 5® Vortex™
1 pack lollipop sticks, 4 inch size
Hot glue gun

1 black permanent marker or felt tip pen
X-acto knife or scissors


1. Using an X-acto knife or scissors, cut construction paper to fit the bottom of tray.

2. Cut 30 sticks of Doublemint gum in thirds, lengthwise.  Using glue gun, glue 3 cut-out strips on top of one another (This will create the same depth as a single Skittles candy.)  Repeat until 30 3-stick-stacks strips are formed.

3. On the tray, measure out the 50-yard line (at the center of the tray) which will serve as the center of the “field” leaving enough space in between each consecutive yard line for two rows of Skittles.

4.  At the 50-yard line, use the 3-stick-stacks of Doublemint and glue down a row that spans the width of the field.

5. Glue down two rows of green Skittles on both sides of the center line, then alternate between 3-stick-stacks and two rows of Skittles until you have completed the nine yard lines.  (For reference, there should be about 1 inch between each yard line for suggested tray size)

6. When yard lines are completed, glue down end zone lines on both sides of the field with remaining 3-stick-sacks of gum.

7. For the endzones: glue down one row of green Skittles, three rows of light green Skittles with one green Skittle at each end, and a last row of green Skittles completing a border around the light green Skittles.

8. Take two sticks of Doublemint gum and label each “ENDZONE” with the marker or pen.  On each, glue endzone sign in the center of the light green Skittles in each endzone.

9. Cut remaining ten sticks of Doublemint gum into ¾ inch squares.  Label each piece with a pen to make the yard lines for each side (-10, -20, -30, -40, -50).  Glue them on to the corresponding yard lines.

10. To make the goalposts: Use three lollipop sticks and cut them down to 3-inch pieces.  With the pieces, form a U shape for the top of the field goal post, and glue in place with a glue gun.  Allow glue to cool.  Then, use one lollipop stick and cut a 4-inch piece, and glue to the bottom-center of the U shape of the field goal post to make the stand.  Allow all glue to cool completely.  Using remaining 5 Vortex gum sticks, wrap the entire stand to create the padding on the field goal posts.

11. Glue down field goal posts at the ends of the field.  Allow all glue to cool completely.

**Amy Atlas is a compensated spokesperson for Wrigley.


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