Nov 17, 2011

Fall Feast Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

This fall feast was sent to us by Cris from Crissy Crafts. She threw a small Thanksgiving get together for her children and their friends. In Chris’ native Brazil, corn is a big part of celebrations. To embrace her heritage, “corn” was part of many of the sweets and decorations. Corn husks were used to dress up the water bottles and as a vessel to serve the food. Sweet treats included caramel and kernel popcorn, corn bread, corn husk cookies, jello treats and candy corn. She also used free corn husk printables from Paper Glitter. The kids each had a place mat for coloring and made Gooble Gooble paintings using their thumbs and finger tips. Any kid or adult would fall for this party! Happy Fall!


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