Nov 02, 2011

Amy Atlas’ Pattern Board for Design & Styling


Did you ever walk into a store and see a pattern on a tunic, rug, or lamp shade, but didn’t know the name of the pattern? That used to happen to me all the time {and still does sometimes} and it would really frustrate me, especially when I wanted to incorporate a similar style onto a party or sweets table. What was the four-sided design that looked like a clove called?   Eventually I learned it was quatrefoil, but for some time I called it “that clove pattern.”  Because I didn’t study art in school, I had to learn about patterns on my own. In fact, when I was making the transition from lawyer to the creative world, I looked high and low for a book or articles on patterns and couldn’t find anything.  Hours in the textile, fashion and interior sections of Barnes & Noble seemed futile.  Doesn’t that seem crazy?  Nothing?  If you guys know of a source, feel free to speak up!

Since I didn’t find anything and since many of you are like me {have a sense of style without the background}, I thought I’d create a design-pattern bible/glossary to help identify patterns. Think of this as your go-to tool for identifying patterns. For those who do have a design background, I think it will be helpful for you guys as well {as an FYI..none of our trained designers knew what “that clove pattern” was called either}. For this board, I’ve picked a bunch of designs that have been shown over and over again in fashion and interior textiles.  There are many variations of all of the designs above by designers, but we designed our own versions. For patterns that are iconic to a particular brand, we’ve called out those designers above.  We didn’t even step into the florals yet…stay tuned for another board on that. In the meantime, feel free to use this little pattern bible for inspiration with decorating desserts, sweets table styling, party styling, interiors or fashion.  Make sure to read the copy under each, as I give tips on how to use each pattern with color and scale.

I hope this is helpful for you all.  I know I would have wanted something like this a few years back!  Please also feel free to re-link, pinterest, tweet, or Facebook the board.  We only ask that you make sure to link back to us for credit. Happy designing!  xo-Amy and Team


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