Oct 19, 2011

Quintessentially Quatrefoil!

By: Amy Atlas, in Sweet Styling Tricks


1. necklace 2. lamp 3. bedding 4.pillow 5. plate 6. urn 7. table 8. table 9. tray 10. chair 11. rug 12. cookies 13. cake

The Amy Atlas crew loves a quatrefoil pattern so we’re studying it today on Sweet Designs.  This curvy clove-like pattern looks gorgeous in bold colors like hot pink and orange. You can see that the pattern so often seen in interiors and fashion also looks beautiful on desserts. We love our friend Liz’s quatrefoil cake and the quatrefoil cookies.  The lucite tray, china, and urn would work well to dress up your party space for a quatrefoil designed party.  I’m personally in love with the rug and tables.  The grasscloth table above comes in lots of colors and surfaces, too.  Hope you enjoyed taking a look at quatrefoil!

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