Oct 18, 2011

Ask Amy: Importance of Photography

By: Amy Atlas, in Ask Amy


I am just starting out trying to start an event planning business. I obviously love to plan and design parties and events, but also am doing this to make money and hopefully one day be able to support my family. With that said I do not have funds to create lavish or perfect outcomes when I do a party for myself or a family member and that means that photos I take (especially since I can not afford a professional photographer) do not look as good as they should/could if I did have a bigger budget. How do I promote myself as a professional who is capable of so much more if I don’t have photos to back it up?


Raychel, your dilemma is one that everyone deals with when they are first starting. In a visual profession like ours, photography is so important. No matter how beautiful your parties are, bad photography will not showcase your work well. And clients care about this.  A lot.  It will be hard to be taken seriously without a beautiful visual.  You can reach out to professional photographers in the area to collaborate and promote each other.  The photographer will be able to shoot your content and you’ll have a photographer. You can also ask local vendors to contribute product for the shoot and cross-promote with them as well. A lot of people do this when they are starting so they can build their portfolio. As part of your agreement, be sure to make sure you have an written contract with a license to use the photographs for promotional purposes. I hope this helps.

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