Oct 14, 2011

Halloweekend Countdown: Counting Crows

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

Nicolle from Libby Lane Press sent us this Birds of Feather shoot that she styled to showcase her new printables line and we loved the unique twist on a halloween theme. Those little crows look so ominous, we love it. Nicolle’s inspiration came from feather trees that she found at Home Goods. She loved the purple and black palette and knew she wanted to make them the focal point of the table. She called on Bundles of Cookies to make the yummy sugar cookies and kCreative Cake Pops for the crow pops.  The rest of the sweet treats were hand made by Nicolle. Great job!  Scroll down for a lesson that Nicolle learned…

Photography by Brittany Defrehn for Sweet Bee Photography.

Nicolle’s Lesson in Her Words….

My original shoot was scheduled in September, the table was set, the cookies, the pops,  cupcakes, the decor- everything was just as I had envisioned and I was more than pleased with my efforts.  And then the backdrop came crashing down and literally broke everything on the table 30 minutes before my photographer arrived. After I was able to truly grasp what had happened before my eyes I realized that I did not secure the canvas to the table (and I had even read here the importance of doing so!).  So, lesson learned and I re-made everything and salvaged what I could and persevered. Birds of a Feather was the photo shoot that almost wasn’t!  We for one…are glad it happened.


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