Oct 13, 2011

Ask Amy: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By: Amy Atlas, in Ask Amy



When you style a dessert table, do you stay there for the whole duration of the event, no matter how long it is?


I’m always there for the set up, and for some reason clients are still surprised by this.  Often because of the installation requirements, we’ll have to start the initial set up like the backdrop, florals, and vessels well before the event starts so that we don’t interfere with guests.  We’ll then put the desserts or candy that won’t go stale on the table.  At that point, I can tell if the installation is looking like I initially designed or if it needs more tweaks.  If I am happy with the results, then I feel comfortable with leaving my staff with putting out the rest of the desserts as close as possible to dessert time. This is especially the case if there is a very long event like a wedding or bar mitzvah since there can be a big gap between when the installation is set up and when dessert is actually served. There are times that we handle the replenishing and when the client wants me there until the end of the event and in those cases, I put that in writing during the contract phase.

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