Sep 30, 2011

Ask Amy: Trends

By: Amy Atlas, in Ask Amy


How do you stay on top of the next trend in parties while focusing on the current trend?


When it comes to design and colors, I don’t usually look at trends unless a client really wants a particular design that is trendy.  Most clients will come to me because they want something innovative and it’s up to me and my team to come up with a color palette or design that will be different. Picking color palettes will involve me taking out pantone swatches, tablecloth swatches, ribbon, and picking out unexpected hues that work well together.  For design, I often take my cue from the client, but we look at fashion, textiles, and art for inspiration.  For dessert trends, we definitely listen to the client to find out what they are interested in, but we’re also always trying to come up with new ideas for desserts or decorating desserts.  We’re always trying to think out of the box because it pushes us as designers. I hope this is helpful, Sarah!


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