Sep 26, 2011

Ask Amy: Backdrops

By: Amy Atlas, in Ask Amy


Hey Amy! I have my own candy and dessert buffet company and would like to know how you get such gorgeous backdrops? I have read one of your blogs about using a foam board; however, can you give us all some tips on how to create more professional looking backdrops?


Hi Salin. I’ll get a diy post on this one day in the future, and it will definitely be in my book. In the meantime, here is a little information on backdrops…..

I either print custom patterned paper, seal patterned wallpaper, or use fabric to create a professional look for backdrops. I always use either foam or gator board.  Gator board is a little sturdier, however, foam board can work for smaller or home events. My backdrops are generally 8 feet long {since I usually use 8 foot tables} and my backdrops are usually either 3 feet or 4 feet high, depending on the venue. Often, I’ll have the backdrop drilled into the table to ensure that it will not fall during the event.  You never know when guests are going to bump into it and it is a precaution that I like to take.

Printed Backdrops
Often, we create a custom pattern for clients and then have it professionally printed and then sealed onto the gator board.  We did that here.  If you are having a printer seal patterned paper onto the backdrop, then the artwork for the paper should be the exact measurements of your backdrop.  Make sure you ask your printer for a proof before printing it so the colors are right and the design is printed properly.

Wallpapered Backdrops
We also use wallpaper and glue the wallpaper onto gator or foam board.  We did that here.  Cut the paper to the exact measurements of your board and then use spray mount {good for temporary mounting} to seal the paper to the board.  If the paper is on for a long period of time, it may buckle with humidity so don’t do it too far in advance of your event.

Fabric Backdrops
We also use fabric for backdrops and embellish the backdrops with ribbon.  We did that here. If you are using fabric, then make sure your fabric is wide enough to cover the height of your backdrop.  My fabric is usually 54 inches wide and so it can easily clear the 4 feet height of a backdrop.  For an 8 foot backdrop, I always get at least 3 yards to make sure there is enough fabric to cover the width of the backdrop.  Lay the board on a surface.  Place the fabric over the backdrop with the fabric right side up.  Pull the fabric taut, but not so much that it buckles and then secure excess fabric on to the other side of the board with dressmaker pins. Embellish with decorative ribbon.

Salin – I hope this was helpful!
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