Sep 19, 2011

Tea Party for Ava Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

Warning….this post may start the waterworks.  Natalie from Half Dozen Designs sent us these photos of a table she created in memory of a little girl named Ava. Natalie somehow stumbled upon the website Ava’s Tea Party and felt compelled to do something. Ava was a little 3 year old princess who tragically died way too soon.  You can read her story here...but again…warning…get the tissues.  Ava and her mother always talked about having a tea party. Not just any tea party, a REAL tea party with bows and china and dresses.  Sadly, Ava’s life was taken away before they had the chance. So, every year on Ava’s birthday, August 22nd, people from all over have a tea party in memory of Ava. We are grateful that Natalie shared these photos with us.  We think this is a beautiful tribute.

Photography By Rhian Askins.


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