Sep 14, 2011

Ask Amy: Maintaining Your Sensibility

By: Amy Atlas, in Ask Amy

It’s been a long time since we posted an Ask Amy post, but starting today you’ll see Ask Amy as a regular column on the site.  I’ll be here to share my design, dessert and business tips with you all.   First up is Susana of Citrus and Orange in Portugal.


Amy, I love all your tips.  When you are asked to do something that is clearly not your sensibility, do you do it and try to adapt it to your liking or do you refuse to do it?


Susana, this is a very good question and can sometimes present a quandary.  I think the most important thing is to determine whether the project is merely outside your comfort level or if it is completely not a style you would feel comfortable creating.  If it is the former, then I think it is very important as a designer to push yourself and do it.  I’ve been in this experience and it has helped me grow.  It is those times that I’m struggling late at night to piece together a design, but I’ve benefited so much from those projects.  If the project is not your sensibility, then try to see if you can somehow meld your sensibility with the client’s vision.  I’ve had situations where clients wanted my signature tailored style, but wanted it glammed up.  I was able to combine the two styles to make my client happy.  If the client does not want anything that is close to your sensibility, then it makes sense to question whether you would be the best vendor for your client.  Just in case, have vendors in your space that you can refer who have different styles.   I hope this helps, Susana.  PS – Your work is beautiful and I’m happy we have featured you on Sweet Designs!

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