Sep 09, 2011

Sweet Origins – TV Dinners {and TV Dinner Dessert Board}

By: Amy Atlas, in Sweet Origins

Tomorrow is National TV Dinner Day.  Did you eat tv dinners as a kid?  Goodness, I hate to admit it, but they bring back so many memories for me.  My parents were both working, and while my mom is a great cook, my brother and I would often see TV Dinners make their way into the dinner repertoire.  My favorite part, of course, was always that chewy brownie.  I can still remember sneaking into my brother’s red, white & blue plaid wallpapered room, with tv dinner in hand, to catch a glimpse of VJ Martha Quinn on MTV {circa early 80’s}.  It was certainly my “tv” dinner!   No wonder they called it that  and made the original tray in the shape of a tv set!  In honor of those memories, we created a board, complete with tv dinner inspired treats, to inspire you all to make your own tv dinner treats.  Scroll down for the board and links.

Fun Fact: The first “TV Dinner” that Swanson produced was a Thanksgiving meal with turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes and frozen peas, and was sold for just 98 cents.

1.  Top Left: “Mashed Potato” cupcake.

2. Top Middle: Duncan Hines Brownie

3. Top Left: Peas & Carrots cupcake.

4. Bottom Left:  Corn on the cob cupcakes.

5. Bottom Right: Fried Chicken sugar cookies {brilliant!}


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