Aug 18, 2011

Back to School Roundup Part II

By: Amy Atlas, in DIY and Templates, Kids

Photo Credits: 1) Ruled Paper Table Decor 2)  Ruler Wreath 3) Apple Oreo Pops in Pencil Vase 4) School Supply Cupcakes

We are back today with some more Back to School inspiration.  Each year, I try to do something special with my boys to get them excited for school.  Whether it is baking cupcakes or crafting something to put on their backpacks, we always do something together that is creative and collaborative.  I love the projects above.  They are simple and fun ways to send kids back to school with a smile. Also, check out the free printable from Bettijo at Paging Super Moms. Such a cute way to get your kids on their teachers good side.

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