Jul 25, 2011


By: Amy Atlas, in Recipes

Photo credits above:  1) Watermelon Cake via Woman’s Day 2) Watermelon Sorbet Slice via Make and Takes 3) Watermelon Jello via Hugging the Coast 4) Watermelon Sherbet via This Chick Cooks

With temperatures in triple digits across the country, the dog days of summer are officially here. We feel that summer and watermelon go hand in hand. Can you think of a more satisfying snack on a really hot day? All it takes is one bite of crisp coral melon, the juices bursting with sweetness, to make us forget the heat. Not only is watermelon delicious, but it’s awfully cute, too. In today’s round-up of watermelon treats, we highlight the fun you can have with the melon’s iconic colors and shapes. From the green dome of cake cut to reveal the watermelon inside to the limes stuffed with pink sherbet and topped with chocolate chip “seeds,” you can dream up all kinds of variations on the watermelon theme. We are dedicating this post to our avid follower HillJo. Thank you for all of your fantastic comments and support!

FUN WATERMELON FACT: According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest watermelon on record grew to 262 pounds (that’s a lot of wedges!).

Photo credits: 1) Watermelon Ice Pops via Kraft Foods 2) Watermelon Cocktail via Bobby Flay Via Food & Wine 3) Watermelon Cookies via Taste of Home 4) Watermelon Granita via Sunset 5) Watermelon Bombe via Martha Stewart

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