Jul 20, 2011

Medical School Acceptance Guest Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

We can’t get school off of our minds today. Earlier we shared a fun, DIY project that we created for Disney Family Fun while kids are out of school.  Here is our second submission of the day brought to us by Monica of The Creationz Studio. Monica created this table for her cousin Christina who just got accepted into medical school (congrats!). Her cousin is a HUGE fashion enthusiast {hence the “I will not read fashion mags in class on chalkboard” rule} and loves a vintage vibe. That was all Monica needed for her inspiration. We love all of the school elements like the DIY mirror topiary made from pages in a text book, attendance sheet guestbook, the pleated bunting, vintage pharmaceutical labels, and medical school lab props. The chalkboard was made by Monica’s husband.  Monica also made red velvet cake pop “apples”.

For the place settings, Monica created a black chalkboard paper runner {which people wrote on} and at each setting was a penmanship placecard, pencil, chalk, and shiny red apple.  Centerpieces on the table included mini flash cards and jars filled with medical supplies like cotton and tongue depressors. Favors included miniature composition books and bundles of ruled paper for the kids that were there. So creative and GENUIS! You graduated with honors!


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