Jul 14, 2011

Amy Atlas Moment: French themed baby shower

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

When Grace from Grace Happens shared with us her “Amy Atlas Moment”, we fell head over heals EN AMOUR. In sticking with the French Theme today in honor of “Bastille Day”, we thought today would be the perfect day to share these stunning photos with you.  Grace threw this party for her friend, Alexis’ babyshower.  She invited 16 of their friends (who all happen to be bloggers) and spent the day enjoying good food, laughing and celebrating their friend.  Alexis loves all things French so to honor that, Grace decided to make that the theme of the party and added little french touches here and there.  The soft muted colors and beautiful flowers added a level of sophistication to an otherwise casual occasion. The party was potluck.  I love that idea for a couple of reasons.  1)  It takes some of the burden off of the host and lets them enjoy the day a little more. and 2) It makes everyone feel as though they contributed to the special day. Many of the dishes were inspired by France including a savory Galette, nutella cupcakes and some delicious macarons. Trader Joes French Market berry lemonades and limeades were on hand to quench every guests thirst which was drank out of ball jars, topped with grey & white striped straws and french inspired flag stirrers.  The napkins were simply dish cloths that Grace wrapped with kraft paper, stamped with BON APPETIT.  Each guest was given a set of french striped dish cloths to take home.   It looked like a lovely day.

If you are looking for more French inspiration for Bastille Day, check out our morning Sweet Origins post on France’s beloved macaron.



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