Jul 04, 2011

United Cakes of America – Giveaway

By: Amy Atlas, in Swag

Are you all having a fun July 4th?  I’m relaxing with my entire family by the pool today and it is wonderful.  Yesterday, I was in a Border’s in upstate New York and discovered Warren Brown’s United Cakes of America book.  I’m not sure how I never saw this little treasure before.  I love, no LOVE…Warren’s first book, CakeLove.  For those who want to learn about the basics of making cakes, definitely pick up his first book.  Not only does it have fantastic recipes, but it also gives really great basic tips for learning how to make cakes.

Back to the book above.  I instantly fell in love after picking it up yesterday.  I’m always interested in learning about the history of desserts and this book has a recipe for every state in the USA.  From Bundt Cake in Minnesota {because of Nordic and Pillsbury} to Roasted Pecan Cornbread from Iowa {the nation’s biggest corn producer} to Lane Cake from Alabama, this book is filled with recipes and great history of cakes from all over the US map.  After poring over every page last night, I reached out to Warren and asked if he’d like to share a copy with you all.  He got right back to me and graciously offered a copy of the book to one of you readers.  Scroll down for the rules to enter the contest, but here’s a small peek in the meantime.

Warren breaks down the book by regions of the United States..The Northeast, The South, The Midwest, and The West…

The design of the book is really fun, too.  I can really appreciate the details of the design in this book since I’m working with my publisher on the design of my book now.  Warren played up the patriotic theme of the book with fun artwork like bald eagle emblems, stars, and maps. Below is a peek at Warren’s version of Maine’s whoopie pie.  Some say it’s from Maine, others say Pennsylvania.  Whatever it is, his whoopie pie recipe looks great.  After developing my own whoopie recipe for the book, I can always appreciate a good whoopie pie!

I also adore the narratives in his book like the “United Slice of America” narratives {including Martha Washington’s Great Cake} and American Classic recipes like American Cranberry Cobbler. Below is one of his United States of America narratives with a clever spin on the Rights of Assembly for learning how to assemble a cake.  Fun, right?

If you don’t know Warren, you should definitely check him out.  He is the host of Food Network’s Sugar Rush and owner of the famed CakeLove bakeries. His story is also very inspiring. Like me, he left a career as a lawyer to follow his passion.

Okay, back to the contest.  In order to join, mention your favorite recipe to make for July 4th and what state you are from.  We will pick a random winner and announce the winner by Friday, July 8th, 12pm EST. Ready.  Set.  Fireworks!

Photographs by Joshua Cogan and copyright by Warren Brown.  Book by Stewart Tabori Chang.


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