Jun 02, 2011

Picnic Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

Spring is the perfect time in Manhattan to have a picnic.  It is not too hot yet and everything looks beautiful.  When we saw this featured submission from Nikki from Great Gatherings and Lauren from Lauren McKinsey, the AAE team and I wanted to head into Central Park and finish our day there.  The beautiful outdoor setting, the spring colors, it all feels so inviting.

Nikki and Lauren met through the Sunshine State Dreamers into Doers event in Orlando this past February.  They started out as complete strangers and are now collaborating on adorable events like this picnic party at Nikki’s parents home.  Nikki and Lauren used the natural setting of the property for the picnic, and added some color by hanging colorful poms from a beautiful tree {this is always an easy and inexpensive way to add color to a natural setting}  The party had a bunny theme {bookmark this for Easter, folks} and they served “rabbit food” like chick and bunny bites, butterfly shaped peanut butter sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and bunny nose marshmallow pops.  Looks like this was a hopping picnic!

Photography by Elise Kersey Photography.









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