May 27, 2011

Cherries on Top Round Up – Happy Memorial Day!

By: Amy Atlas, in Recipes

Image via Amy Atlas.

Memorial Day is here this weekend and it is the “official” start of summer in the United States.  When I was a kid, I always knew that summer was around the corner when I started seeing cherries at the market. There is something about seeing those first cherries of the season that always brings a smile to my face.   Instantly, I kick into summer mode and want to make summery desserts.  Do you guys feel the same?  I just picked up my first bag of cherries of the season, which was used to make the cherry/banana smoothie pops above.  Not to worry, recipe to follow…In the meantime, check out links to great cherry recipes below.  Also, I couldn’t find a pic on the web, but my favorite all time favorite cherry recipe is Claudia Fleming’s cherry cheesecake tart with red wine glaze.  That was the first “adult” cherry recipe I ever made and it is so elegant {and surprisingly not difficult to make} that I make it every summer.  Her book is filled with great berry recipes, and she also has a bing cherry napoleon recipe which would rival any plain ‘ole napoleon.  I hope this post encourages you to dive into a cherry recipe.

Scroll down for links….

Cherry banana pops via Amy Atlas, cherry and frangipane tart via Sara’s Kitchen, gluten and dairy free cherry and cardamom custard by Cannelle et Vanille, and sweet cherry sorbetto via Bon Appetit.

This post is dedicated to all of the men and women that have lost their lives to protect mine.  I am very grateful.


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